About Us

A little about ourselves

We are a USA manufacture located in Pennsylvania making Bass fishing jigs, Crappie jigs  and sinkers as well as other fishing items for all types and styles of freshwater & saltwater fishing.

  I have been making custom fishing jigs and fishing sinkers since 2005 and expanded our line up lately to cover even more types of fishing and fish. I grew up fishing in the Bald Eagle Valley in central Pennsylvania by Sayers dam and surrounding areas and it became apparent that one jig was not always the best with the standard hook or color it came with for the fish I was after.

  It wasn't till I got hurt and could not work for a while and had some free time to get back out and fish that I had time to do something about it. So out of the need to help get the big one I was after, I started tweaking my tackle to my needs. Not long after others ask where I got my tackle, they wanted some for themselves. And now have customers from coast to coast using my jigs, sinkers and trolling items .

  So my product line - Bald Eagle Jigs was born and I kept adding more and more to the line up. We now cover 1/100 Oz- 12# jigs to 4 Oz - 8/0 salt water jigs and a lot in between, with a lot of custom combinations you don't see.

 Our product showroom has many items  for Bass, Walleye, Crappie, Panfish and Trout. Located in the front of my business Dorman Machine by Lamar close to interstate 80, and you can find the map to us at the bottom of the page